John Coughlan

Irish by nationality. In Feb 2012 I moved to charming Frederiksberg to join my Danish fiancée, now wife, Hedda, after living in the SW of England from birth. I was raised in a medical household with a medical practice in the home. Through my work and home-life I have had regular contact with a wide selection of the public, from an early age. Voracious reader with a wide, diverse range of contacts spread across many sectors of life, including many longstanding friendships and connections maintained internationally. Throughout my life I have maintained a deep interest in the human-condition, especially how we cope with personal and societal change. Nearly 4 decades of busy professional life have helped fuel this interest. I look forward to bringing my enthusiasm and experience into new work situations, expanding on my existing diverse catalogue of skills and approaching the future with confidence and tenacity.

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  • Hej John Coughlan,
    Jeg vil høre om du har tid til et kaffemøde hos STED kl. 00:00 d.


    Venlig hilsen
    Email: MAIL@MAIL.DK

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Heart and mind equally combined.
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